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Yuka Endo is one of the main female protagonists of the series. She is Arato's younger sister, who takes an instant liking to Lacia.


She has brown ahoge hair


Yuka is always cheerful and optimistic, in contrast to her more introspective brother, who admits to envying her positive attitude. She is also a spoiled brat, Arato reprimands himself for allowing her to become self-centered. After being rescued, Yuka decides to cut her brother some slack and realizes that Arato did his best in the most dangerous situations including to protect her. She is perhaps a little dependent on others, and isn’t too bright when it comes to academics, but she does care deeply for her older brother.


Yuka enters Lacia into an online modeling audition shortly after meeting her behind Arato’s back.



  • She is a meat lover



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