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Snowdrop is one of the secondary antagonists of the series. Type 02 of the Lacia series, who specializes in creating mini-drones that hack other technologies.


Snowdrop has flowing jade-green locks with green hair and eyes. She also has a unique set of double/twin eyebrows on her face, with a smaller pair right above the larger pair.


Snowdrop appears to be playful in her actions, but is also ruthless, killing people without a second thought.


Snowdrop’s attack on Arato Endo was the impetus for his first encounter with Lacia. She is an agent of Chaos and a predator of the purest kind. Her true motives remain a mystery.

Her true identity is something akin to an older sister to Lacia. She creates from her dress a colorful array of controllable nanomachines that take the shape of flower petals. She can manipulate her necklace of hard crystalline spheres, causing them to fly away from her body, chewing up and pulverizing any nearby objects at will.

Abilities & Equipments

She has the ability to fill the space around her with white flower-petals; these have the ability to attach themselves to all electronics in an area and neutralize them. She can generate rains of petals that mess other robots. A very unusual variant, since the plants and petals she creates are artificial but act as if they were real. She can consume other robots through her dress!



  • Of the five hIEs, she has the least human personality and motivations, besides looking for information and connections.



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