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I can be anything you want me to be, and do anything you want me to do!

Saturnus is one of the main female protagonists of the series. Type 03 of the Lacia series, and she is owned by Erica Burrows.

She is only hIE of the Lacia series to remain alive after Higgins's shutdown.


Saturnus has flaxen hair and brown eyes.



A wandering hIE who eventually finds a place she can call home–– Her official name is Saturnus, but she was nicknamed “Mariage” due to her looks. Saturnus arrived at the mansion of multi-millionaire Erica Burrows after escaping from Memeframe’s Tokyo research facility. There, she changed her name, reinvented herself, and began a new life.

Saturnus is a “Gold Weaver” hIE, and is the equivalent to older sister to Lacia. She is equipped with a spinning-wheel-like device that has an anchor capable of digging into the ground. The handle of this sewing-machine-shaped device recognizes its owner's touch, and has the ability to create all sorts of objects on command.

Whether she knows it or not, she possesses the potential to change the world.

Abilities and Equipments

Lacia confirms she can create undetectable explosives as well. She can generate electricity, which she uses to enhance her speed or shortcircuit electronics.



  • Her name is derived from the planet Saturn



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