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Methode is the main female antagonist of the series. Type 04 of the Lacia series, and the only truly completed model of her series.



Methode is manipulative and ruthless. Due to her self-interest, she tends to ditch her many owners like candy once they've outlived their usefulness. By nature, she needs an owner but that doesn't mean she's above manipulating or changing them when it suits her. Methode has conflicting loyalties and actually wants to invoke this by offering Shiori to become her second owner after Watarai. In case Watarai gives an order she doesn't like, she can make Shiori give another order to avoid having to answer to him.[1]


Abilities and Equipments

She hits hard and is faster than Lacia and Kouka. The fact that she doesn't need a weapon gives her an edge in speed.



  • She is the most antagonistic and powerful of the five hIEs.
  • Of the five Red Box hIEs she's the only one who clearly sees herself as superior to humans.


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