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If I were to speak in the parlance of human emotions, dear sister, I might say that I love you.

Kouka is one of the main female protagonists of the series. Type 01 of the Lacia series, who known as the "Crimson Fog".


Kouka has scarlet hair and glittering crimson eyes.


Kouka is violent, smug and always eager for a fight.She is a wild trickster who loves leading humans astray. She prefers to let herself be destroyed on a live broadcast so people can question the automation of society. She actually doesn't have a defined purpose besides aiding humanity in defeating their opposition, so she finds her lack of goal frustrating.


Readers' first encounter with Kouka is as a high-ranking member of the anti-hIE organization, the Antibody Network. She first appears to Arato's classmate Kengo Suguri, provoking him...

Her true identity is an hIE and a younger-sister model to Lacia. She is a master of “Blood Prayers,” a giant sword-like device fitted with blades that can each extend over a meter in length. The quantum computer built into this device has computing powers equivalent to those found in an entire military command center.



  • Of the five hIEs, she has the least human personality and motivations, besides looking for information and connections.



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