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Arato Endo (遠藤 アラト) is the male main protagonist. He is different from his peers because he treats robots the same as humans. His life is changed forever when he meets Lacia, who saves his life from an accident involving hijacked electronics, and is forced to become her owner.



Arato is abnormal amongst his peers for treating robots like actual people instead of tools. He's always willing to believe in the best of people and hIE's, even if he comes as naive or incredibly gullible. While Yuka would say otherwise, he's clearly more responsible than his younger sister. He confessed to Lacia just to stop her from accepting Ginga Watarai as her new owner, while completely rejecting the argument that whatever feelings Lacia might incite on him are an illusion which earns him her undying loyalty.


Arato is the youth who first encounters Lacia. Born in 2087, he is currently a second-year high school student. He lives in Shin Koiwa with his father and younger sister. His father Kozo Endo is an hIE researcher, currently working on Next Generation Total Environment Cities as part of the Societal Automation Experiment.

Unassertive and unassuming, Arato is wrapped around his little sister’s finger and is easily influenced by his friend Ryo, regularly getting caught up in Ryo’s antics in school. When Arato falls under the spell of the beautiful Lacia, he finds himself thrown into the heart of the Lacia-class hIE Escape Incident.





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